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My Relatico Experience: Insights from strategic purchasing

My relatico experience „I highly recommend relatico. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer for efficient and effective business operations.“
Written by: 
Bernd Neufert

Expert in strategic procurement

January 19, 2024
5 min Read

Business Efficiency: My Professional Journey

My professional journey in strategic purchasing at Symrise and Eckes-Granini, as well as in sales, key account management, and marketing at DuPont de Nemours, has taught me one crucial lesson: efficiency is key to success. The clear and simple organization of information and processes is indispensable.‍‍

In addition to my professional activities, I manage a family-run agricultural business. In the world of farming, groundedness and pragmatism are highly valued. These principles have always guided me in my professional life, especially in my quest for effective documentation solutions.

The Search for an Optimal Solution

For years, I was in search of a system that not only simplifies documentation but also adds value to the information collected. It's not just about filing documents; the goal is to learn from this data and continuously improve our outcomes.

Discovering relatico: A Game-Changer

After more than five years of extensive use of relatico, I can confidently say: I've found the perfect solution. With relatico, and later with the advanced version, I was able to establish comprehensive and group-wide regulatory documentation systems, all without in-depth IT knowledge.

Maximizing Productivity with relatico: A Success Story

Relatico offers precisely the functionalities I need: structured storage and organization of data, documents, and information. The stored data can be accessed, analyzed, and supplemented with additional data at any time - for example, from my merchandise management system or audit results such as Ecovadis or SMETA/Sedex.

Enhance Your Documentation too

This flexibility is a crucial advantage. I am not forced into a rigid system; rather, I can adapt my workflow to the system. This makes relatico an indispensable tool in my professional life. It allows me to focus on what's essential: the efficient and effective management of my work.

I have shared my experiences with relatico, now it's your turn. Experience the change first hand. Try relatico now and feel the difference in your daily work!

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Bernd Neufert
Bernd Neufert
Expert in strategic procurement

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Bernd possesses extensive experience in strategic procurement, shaped by his tenure at Eckes-Granini, Symrise and DuPont de Nemours. Currently, he is focused on sustainable sourcing and supply chains, collaborating with the relatico team to develop practical software solutions. Additionally, Bernd runs his own agricultural business and is involved in supply chain projects globally.