The Better
Document Management Software.

With relatico, you are in control of your documents
(and not vice versa).
Over 2,000 companies are working with relatico already
If you care about:
  • File completeness
  • Keeping documents up to date
  • 24/7 access to files
...then relatico is right for you. 
relatico is simple & compelling
  • Collect documents from business partners

  • Manage and store documents

  • Share and distribute with your team and business partners

relatico is for:
professionals and teams who want to focus on their most important tasks instead of searching for documents.

Stefan Schulze

Managing Director with All-Fish Handelsgesellschaft mbH

We recently received our IFS-Broker certification for the first time. relatico greatly helped us in keeping everything organized, and enabled us to collect all documents as a team.

Bernd Neufert

Procurement Manager with Eckes-Granini Group GmbH

"Finally, with relatico we have a compliance database that is affordable and easy to use at the same time. A must-have in times of ever-rising compliance requirements."


Here is what relatico has to offer:

Completeness & Checklists
Track your documentation completeness with checklists to make sure that you have all the documents that you need.
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Actuality and reminders

Use file expiry, reminders and relatico's active version collaboration to be current.
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relatico and Email integration

Email is your essential day-by-day work horse. 

So, we made sure that relatico is integrated with email.

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Organization via folders

Customize your app to organize your most important information using folders. 
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Communication made easy 
Create transparency and efficiency when it comes to communicating with business partners. 
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Teamwork on relatico
Easily collaborate with your team members by providing access to needed documentation whenever they need it most. 
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Proudly developed in Berlin, Germany

  • Hosted in Germany

  • Trusted by many companies of multiple industries, big and small

  • GDPR compliant

  • Highly available - see our uptime statistics here  

  • Connections are bank grade encrypted

  • Continuously updated & improved

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is relatico the Better Document Management?

relatico has: 

  • the features of file management tools like GDrive or Dropbox 

  • PLUS the ability to keep track of validity and completeness of your files

  • PLUS advanced integration with Business IT software

  • along with the generic file management capabilities like version control, activity logs etc.

Is relatico for me?

1. Are you scrambling to find needed files under time crunch?

2. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a file that you need is expired and you need it right away?

3. Do you have to sort through endless piles of documents, spreadsheets and email chains to find what you're looking for?


If you said yes to any of these questions - then you and your team can definitely benefit from relatico.

How long does it take to be productive on relatico?
relatico can be productive the same day you sign up. What you will immediately get after setting up relatico, is full transparency of your documentation needs via checklists.
After bringing on your files, you can then quickly recognize the delta between your needs and the existing body of files plus the files that need review. This is why you will benefit immediately after getting started with relatico.
Is relatico a portal?
relatico is not a portal. If you'd like to request files, your business partners do not need to sign in - and can simply reply to the system email or go to the secure upload page. It is our goal to make your interaction with your business partners as easy as possible.

We respect your privacy and security

All of your requested and received documents are protected with a bank grade 256 bit SSL encryption. Our SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure ensures that your documents are kept safe and secure.