Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Software

Sustainable Supply Chains through simple Collaboration

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Supplier Management
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Suitable for LKsG
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Risk Management

Professionals in the Supply Chain: We Make Your Lives Easier with seamless compliance, collaboration, document handling, and risk assessments via our SRM software.

Screenshot of relatico, a SRM Software for Supply Chain Collaboration and supplier evaluation.
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We understand you.

Supplier Management
is hard

Supplier management without the right software can quickly overwhelm even the most organized teams. This leads to costly mistakes and inefficiencies, directly hindering your business growth.

How we help

The Software Solution for future-proof Supply Chains

Collaboration, Management and Audits Unified in

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We help you to focus on what really matters when with Suppliers:

Get transparency and be up to date, see what is happening, automate tasks, collaborate with Suppliers and Customers,
manage Supplier and Product Life Cycles.

All this with just one simple tool:

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Managed supply chains with relatico

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relatico Customer satisfaction

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Years of experience in supplier management

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Growing team of


Simple, yet powerful features

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All of your files in one place

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Ensure file completeness

Make sure that you have all of the needed files and store them all in one place. Easily request missing files from your suppliers with the use of sharing functionality that does not require responder login.

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data sharing with your stakeholders

Share your data with business partners to cover cases of supplier evaluation, corrective actions and a myriad of other tasks.

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Automate your daily tasks

Easily automate your daily tasks to make sure that you have time for your highest priority daily workflows.

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Track file collection progress

Make sure that you have 100% of the files that you need all in one place by tracking the rate of completeness of your documentation.

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Create workspaces for your teams

With us you can create workspaces to work with specific business partners and team members for high quality and collaborative outcome.


Finally: All Supply Chain Matters in One Place


Manage and Collect procurement related documentation in one place with relatico.

- Purchase orders
- Requests for Proposal (RFP)
- Invoices
- Vendor Agreements
- Inventory Reports

- Quality Control Reports
- Budget Reports
- Self Assessments
- Product Insurance
- Certifications

relatico for Procurement Management

Quality assurance

Ensure quality of your products by effectively storing and requesting all needed information.

- Quality Policy
- Quality Manual
- Work instructions
- Quality Plans

- Corrective actions reports
- Audit reports
- Non conformance reports

relatico for Quality Management

Customs department

Keep track of all documents needed for import and Export

- Bill of lading
- Import Licences and Permits
- Customs Declarations

- Certificates of Origin
- Commercial Invoices
- Export Licensed and Permits

Customs department and relatico

Hazardous Goods

Ensure safety procedures and files are documented.

- Dangerous Goods Declaration
- Safety data sheets
- Packaging and Labeling

- Training Records
- Emergency Response Plan

Manage hazardous goods with relatico


Track the production process to ensure that the final product meets certain standards.

- HACCP plan
- Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
- Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

- Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
- Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Regulatory department will benefit from relatico


Manage and Collect procurement related documentation in one place.

- Environmental Assessments
- Supplier Code of Conduct
- EMS manual

- Supplier Audits
- Carbon Footprint Analysis

Environmental department

Customer service

Ensure tracking of customer data exchange and compliance.

- Order Processing Documents
- Shipping and Receiving Documents
- Inventory Management Documents

- Quality Control Documents
- Customer Complaint Forms

Customer service

Supply Chain Law

Stay compliant with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Law.

- Supply Chain Mapping
- Risk Assessment
- Due Diligence Measures

- Reporting
- Record-Keeping

Procurement management and relatico

Product Development

Keep track of all documents needed for successful R&D projects.

- Supplier and Vendor Contracts
- Production and Manufacturing Documentation
- Consumer Feedback and Testing

- Sample management
- Research Proposals
- Request for quote

Research and development

European Union Timber Regulation

Contribute to sustainable management of forests and reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation beyond EU borders.

- Due Diligence System
- Supply Chain Information
- Risk Assessments

- Invoices
- Contracts
- Training and capacity-building records

EU Timber regulation risk assessment
Your benefits explained

Simple, yet powerful features

Integrate relatico with other tools that you are already using
Stay organized: All of your files in one place

Effortlessly create checklists for essential documentation with relatico, and share them with your suppliers for enhanced supply chain due diligence. We'll automatically remind them to send the necessary files, allowing you to focus on strategic purchasing and sustainability reporting. Experience seamless supplier management and ensure compliance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, prioritizing sustainability and due diligence audit in your supply chain processes.

Hassle-free compliance: Your supply chain due diligence solution

Soon, requests for comprehensive documentation of your entire supply chain will become standard. With our advanced SRM software, manage sustainability reporting, due diligence audits, and more seamlessly. Get ahead by organizing all your necessary documentation with us, ensuring compliance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and promoting sustainability in every transaction.

Supply chain tree diagram
Manage document lifecycle
Save your time: Effortless document lifecycle management

Optimize your supply chain with relatico's automated document lifecycle management. Set the issue date, and let our SRM software remind your suppliers to validate their documents at intervals tailored to your strategic purchasing needs. Streamline sustainability reporting and ensure compliance with due diligence audit requirements, all while maintaining focus on sustainability and supplier management.

Be in control: Collaborate with your team and suppliers

Ensure seamless workflows within your strategic purchasing and supplier management processes. Elevate your sustainability reporting and due diligence audit capabilities to meet the stringent requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, forging stronger, more sustainable relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Create boards and tasks
integrate with other tools
Automate: Integrate relatico with existing tools

Manage and store vital data seamlessly and integrate it effortlessly with your existing tools. This empowers you to make informed decisions, fostering strategic purchasing and sustainability reporting, while avoiding unnecessary fines. Elevate your Supplier Management experience and stay ahead in the realm of sustainability and due diligence audit.

Success stories
What our Customers say

Hear directly from the ones who've seen the difference - our clients! They have partnered with us in their journey of supply chain transformation and have reaped significant benefits.

Metten is a customer of relatico
Georg Schmidt - Quality Assurance Manager - Metten
Georg Schmidt
Quality Assurance Manager
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We quickly and easily collected more than 1,500 documents from our suppliers via relatico - without much manual effort.

immergut is a customer of relatico
Photo of Maria Fehl
Maria Fehl
Product development
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With the help of relatico you can quickly get an overview. Add new resources / products, request documents with one click, automatic expiration date reminders - efficient and uncomplicated.

Fuerstenberg Logo: Fuerstenberg is a customer of relatico
Photo of Daniel Haag
Daniel Haag
Technical Manager
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The continuous updates and improvements of relatico, which are also based on industry needs, are a big plus.

Voelkel Logo - Voelkel is a customer of relatico
Photo of Jochen Mannsberg
Jochen Mannsperger
Head of Purchasing
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We work with large and small suppliers through relatico. This works very well for us and also for our suppliers.

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Stay a Step Ahead with relatico SRM Software
Contact Us Today!

Experience how our feature-rich system can revolutionize your processes, reduce risk, and increase overall efficiency. Let's redefine what collaboration means in your organization!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do my suppliers need their own version of relatico?

No, they don't. Your suppliers can access the necessary information and collaborate with you using shared links on their webbrowser. This ensures ease of access and seamless collaboration without the need for additional software installations.

Is an automatic LkSG report generated for upload to BAFA?

No, but you can use the informations from relatico for the report.

What is relatico's approach to risk analysis of the supplier base?

Background: Risk analysis is a fundamental component of the Supply Chain Law (LkSG). In daily business operations, there's often little time to delve into the intricate details of LkSG, leading to confusion and misjudgments.

Our Approach: The Relatico team has devised a simplified procedure for supplier base risk analysis. Our goal is to help our clients kick-start their risk analysis swiftly and provide comprehensive information to their customers. We've designed a step-by-step model that segments the supplier base, creating manageable work packages.

Note: While we assist with data collection and analysis, we cannot make strategic decisions for you. However, we're here to help with our expertise.

What sources are used for the risk analysis?

We recommend focusing on data already available within the company or easily accessible. Use objective, standardized data and avoid qualitative, subjective information. Commonly used sources in the initial phase include:

Commercial ERP data

Address data (ERP master data)

Country risk

Certification status and performance

Tip: Approach it with a "keep-it-simple" mindset, but avoid shortcuts.

How are prevention and remediation measures represented?

Within the relatico database, task packages can be planned and executed, both independently and in collaboration with external partners. This also encompasses complaint management.

How does supplier monitoring/mapping work? Can a Tier-N Mapping be performed?

Absolutely. Relatico can visually represent supply chains in a clear diagram format, enabling quick identification of contacts.

Is relatico suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely, relatico is meticulously designed to cater to businesses of every scale and industry. For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), our tool streamlines supplier management processes, fostering efficiency without the need for significant resources or overheads. This means SMBs can achieve the kind of supplier collaboration and management typically reserved for much larger entities. On the other hand, for big corporations with intricate supply chains and multifaceted supplier ecosystems, Relatico offers robust features, deep customization, and scalability to manage extensive supplier portfolios, ensuring smooth operations and optimal supplier relationships. In essence, whether you're an emerging startup or a multinational corporation, Relatico adapts and evolves with your supplier management needs, ensuring that every business, regardless of its size, can benefit from seamless supplier relationship management.

SRM software vs SCM software: What are the differences?

SRM software is intensely focused on nurturing, optimizing, and enhancing relationships with suppliers. It enables deeper, more collaborative partnerships, fosters improved communication, and aids businesses in extracting maximum value from their supplier relations. On the other hand, SCM (Supply Chain Management) software provides a broader view of the entire supply chain network, encompassing procurement, production, and distribution. While SCM maximizes the efficiency of the entire chain, SRM ensures that the relationships within this chain are strong and fruitful. With our software, the focus lies on SRM. That being said, relatico qualifies as both: an SRM and SCM solution, offering the best of both worlds in a single tool.

How does your SRM software facilitate supplier risk management?

relatico, is built with advanced risk management features. It evaluates and monitors suppliers, their historical data, and feedback to identify potential risks. Additionally, the software offers alert systems that notify users of changes or inconsistencies that might indicate a risk. By providing a centralized platform, users can quickly respond to potential issues, ensuring that the supply chain remains robust and reliable.

When will there be extensions for CSDDD, EUDR, and CSRD reporting obligations? Will the software be updated accordingly?

Companies well-prepared for LkSG will be aptly prepared for CSDDD. The CSDDD is an extension of LkSG and comprises a set of regulations familiar to German companies through LkSG. Firms integrating LkSG preparations with CSDDD considerations will have a competitive advantage, especially over foreign companies new to this area.New legal provisions, especially those regarding human rights, will often overlap with LkSG and CSDDD. The processes established in companies for LkSG and CSDDD can be recontextualized, building upon existing knowledge.Relatico's Commitment: We closely monitor changing requirements and aim to support our clients in meeting these obligations. If new needs arise, we're equipped to respond efficiently and competently.

Is there an SAP interface for data transfer?

Yes, we offer an interface allowing Relatico to connect with other systems, such as SAP.

Can users make custom modifications, like custom fields, workflows, integrations, etc.?

Our primary focus is our customers. If you have requirements that the relatico software doesn't currently meet, we will collaboratively explore potential solutions with you.

Privacy and Security
SCM Software made in Germany
We respect your privacy and security.

All your data exchanges are protected with a bank grade 256 bit SSL encryption. Our SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure ensures that your data is kept safe and secure.

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