About us

Our Mission

1. To Make Supply Chain Professionals' Lives Easier Every Day.
2. To Document The Supply Chain
3. To Enable Sustainable Supply Chains

Meet our team

More than 30 experts working on 1 goal. To ensure that your Supply Chain is fully documented and 100% compliant.

Christian Alsen
CEO and Founder

Thomas Grill

Elizabeth Becker

Claudiu Garba

Svetlana Tuzova
Accounting Manager

Matthias Bauer
Head of Product

Guido Lange
Head of DACH Sales

Florian Schneider
Sales Manager (The Americas)

Carter Wright
Sales Manager (UK)

Lucas Vieira
Sales Manager (Brazil)

Elena Hoffmann
Head of HR

Daniel Ortiz
Human Resources Coordinator

Cynthia Wozniak
Human Resources Assistant

Rebecca Reinhart
Head of Customer Success

Denys Kazmirov
Customer Success Manager

Valentina Severina
Customer Success Manager

Paulo da Silva
Customer Success Manager (BR)

Jette Heermann
Customer Success Manager (DE)

Paul Blair
Customer Success Manager (UK)

Liam Grunneberg
Customer Success Manager (DE)

Daniel Garcia
Customer Success Manager (SP)

Max Marino
Senior Product Manager

Daniel Lillith
Product Manager

Liam Katsaros
QA Engineer

Valentin Cuffy
Data Engineer

Yoko Goldberg
Data Analyst

Arthur Oliveira
Dev-ops Engineer

Louis Lehmann
Backend developer

Waldyr Souza
Backend Developer

Dorota Styrczula
Backend Developer

Martin Costa
Frontend Developer

Stefan Santos
Frontend Developer

Daniela Bombitzky-Ioan
UX/UI Developer

Evelyn Grant
Principal UX Designer

Anna Dunn
UI/UX Designer

Avery Rizzo
UX Researcher

Our Vision

To be the Leader in Supply Chain Collaboration.
Love Your Supplier.

Meet our Founder and CEO:
Christian Alsen

Christian Alsen was an IT consultant in the mid 2000's in manufacturing when he discovered that all companies do the same things with their suppliers but don’t do it as a team effort. Also, management didn't think about Supplier Relationships as a whole.

Christian saw highly skilled people doing routine stuff and suffering. That's when he decided to do something about it. He started to build the ecratum SRM collaboration platforms.

Now, 15 years and 100.000 companies later plus having gained a lot of experience, he is happy to work with his team on relatico.next the Simple Supply Chain Collaboration Platform