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Expanding on Relatico: Understanding Its Core Capabilities and Advantages

Discover how Relatico SRM software revolutionizes supplier relationship management. Tailored for any business size, it offers scalable solutions for risk management, compliance, and supply chain transparency. Boost operational success with our advanced SRM system—ideal for enhancing supplier partnerships and strategic decision-making.
Written by: 
Bernd Neufert

Expert in strategic procurement

May 14, 2024
5 min Read

Introduction to Relatico

Relatico isn't just another SRM software; it's the Swiss Army knife for managing supplier relationships and risk. Whether you're a startup or a global titan, it adapts seamlessly to your company's scale, enhancing transparency and compliance without breaking a sweat. Dive into how Relatico makes supplier management less of a headache and more of a strategic advantage.

How Relatico Enhances Supplier Management and Compliance:

Relatico simplifies and improves supplier management, risk analysis, and compliance management, thereby enhancing your company's operational processes. Here's a quick rundown of its functionalities:

  1. Adaptable to Any Company Size
    • Relatico is designed to be flexible, meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes. Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) benefit from a level of collaboration and transparency that is typically reserved for large corporations with extensive resources. For larger organizations, Relatico offers robust features that are scalable for managing extensive supplier and material portfolios.
  2. Focused Supplier Relationship Management
    • Unlike general Supply Chain Management (SCM) software that oversees the entire supply chain from procurement to distribution, Relatico focuses specifically on enhancing relationships with suppliers. It fosters deeper, cooperative partnerships and encourages effective communication, crucial for long-term business success.
  3. Effective Risk Management
    • In compliance with Germany's Supply Chain Law (Lieferkettengesetz - LkSG), Relatico aids in conducting structured risk analyses. This process ensures that companies maintain operational integrity as legally required. The platform's approach allows companies to quickly start and become proficient in managing supplier risks, thereby reducing potential misjudgments and errors.
  4. Data Utilization for Strategic Decision Making
    • Relatico analyzes commercial and ERP data to help avoid the common pitfall of relying on subjective information, which can lead to poor decisions. By focusing on objective and standardized data, Relatico supports strategic decision-making processes.
  5. Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency
    • With the capability to design and monitor the entire supply network with accuracy and clarity, Relatico increases visibility across the chain. It identifies key points that require more intensive monitoring or interventions, improving overall supply chain management.

Technical Integration and Customization

  • SAP Integration and Customization
    • Relatico offers an interface for seamless integration with systems like SAP, allowing for efficient data transfer and system synchronization. This integration supports custom fields, workflows, and other bespoke adjustments, ensuring that Relatico can meet specific operational requirements.
  • Supplier Accessibility
    • Suppliers do not need their own version of Relatico; they can access necessary information and collaborate through shared links in a web browser. This feature ensures easy access and seamless collaboration without the need for additional software purchases or installations.


Relatico not only addresses key operational challenges through innovative SRM features but also adapts to the size and scale of any business, making it a versatile tool for enhancing supplier relationships and managing supply chain risks. With its focus on data-driven decision-making and legal compliance, Relatico is positioned as an essential tool for companies aiming to thrive in a dynamic global market.

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Bernd Neufert
Bernd Neufert
Expert in strategic procurement

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Bernd possesses extensive experience in strategic procurement, shaped by his tenure at Eckes-Granini, Symrise and DuPont de Nemours. Currently, he is focused on sustainable sourcing and supply chains, collaborating with the relatico team to develop practical software solutions. Additionally, Bernd runs his own agricultural business and is involved in supply chain projects globally.