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Say hello to your new powerful supplier management tool. helps you to focus on what really matters when working in the Supply Chain:
Get transparency and be up to date, see what is happening, automate tasks,
collaborate with Suppliers and Customers,
manage Supplier and Product Life Cycles.

Easy and fun to use!

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Manage and Collect procurement related documentation in one place.

- Purchase orders
- Requests for Proposal (RFP)
- Invoices
- Vendor Agreements
- Inventory Reports

- Quality Control Reports
- Budget Reports
- Self Assessments
- Product Insurance
- Certifications

relatico for Procurement Management


Ensure quality of your products by effectively storing and requesting all needed information.

- Quality Policy
- Quality Manual
- Work instructions
- Quality Plans

- Corrective actions reports
- Audit reports
- Non conformance reports

relatico for Quality Management

Customs department

Keep track of all documents needed for import and Export

- Bill of lading
- Import Licences and Permits
- Customs Declarations

- Certificates of Origin
- Commercial Invoices
- Export Licensed and Permits

Customs department and relatico

Hazardous Goods

Ensure safety procedures and files are documented.

- Dangerous Goods Declaration
- Safety data sheets
- Packaging and Labeling

- Training Records
- Emergency Response Plan

Manage hazardous goods with relatico


Track the production process to ensure that the final product meets certain standards.

- HACCP plan
- Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
- Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

- Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
- Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Regulatory department will benefit from relatico


Manage and Collect procurement related documentation in one place.

- Environmental Assessments
- Supplier Code of Conduct
- EMS manual

- Supplier Audits
- Carbon Footprint Analysis

Environmental department

Customer service

Ensure tracking of customer data exchange and compliance.

- Order Processing Documents
- Shipping and Receiving Documents
- Inventory Management Documents

- Quality Control Documents
- Customer Complaint Forms

Customer service

Supply Chain Law

Stay compliant with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Law.

- Supply Chain Mapping
- Risk Assessment
- Due Diligence Measures

- Reporting
- Record-Keeping

Procurement management and relatico

Product Development

Keep track of all documents needed for successful R&D projects.

- Supplier and Vendor Contracts
- Production and Manufacturing Documentation
- Consumer Feedback and Testing

- Sample management
- Research Proposals
- Request for quote

Research and development

European Union Timber Regulation

Contribute to sustainable management of forests and reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation beyond EU borders.

- Due Diligence System
- Supply Chain Information
- Risk Assessments

- Invoices
- Contracts
- Training and capacity-building records

EU Timber regulation risk assessment

Why relatico?

Collect and manage documents

Collect and manage documents

Work closely with your team to ensure efficient daily task completion and cohesive work environment between departments via one collaboration platform.

Ensure file completeness

Ensure file completeness

Make sure that you have all of the needed files and store them all in one place. Easily request missing files from your suppliers with the use of sharing functionality that does not require responder login.

Share data

Share with your stakeholders

Share your data with business partners to cover cases of supplier evaluation, corrective actions and a myriad of other tasks.

Create workspaces for teams

Create workspaces for your teams

With us you can create workspaces to work with specific business partners and team members for high quality and collaborative outcome.

Track file collection progress

Track file collection progress

Make sure that you have 100% of the files that you need all in one place by tracking the rate of completeness of your documentation.

Automate your daily tasks

Automate your daily tasks

Easily automate your daily tasks to make sure that you have time for your highest priority daily workflows.

Integrate relatico with other tools that you are already using

All of your files in one place

Create checklists of needed documentation, share it with your suppliers, and wait for the documents to come in. We will automatically remind them to send you the files so you can focus on what matters most to you. 

Ensure supply chain due diligence compliance

Soon you will receive requests from your buyers to provide documentation for your entire supply chain, so prepare all of your documentation ahead of time with us. 

Supply chain tree diagram
Manage document lifecycle

Manage document lifecycle

Automate document lifecycle management processes by indicating the issue date of the file and we will remind your suppliers to check the validity of the document at your desired interval.

Collaborate with your team and suppliers

Easily create and resolve upcoming issues while maintaining an efficient workflow within your internal and extrnal stakeholder environments.

Create boards and tasks
integrate with other tools

Integrate with existing tools

Ensure your compliance with the supply chain law and overall data quality by storing, receiving and managing your data in relatico and integrate it with your current tools to make better decisions and avoid unnecessary fines.

Privacy and Security

We respect your privacy and security.

All your data exchanges are protected with a bank grade 256 bit SSL encryption. Our SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure ensures that your data is kept safe and secure.

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GDPR Compliant

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