Text search and recognition (OCR)


Who should use it?

  • If you are looking to find your files quickly and efficiently based on their content, then relatico OCR is for you
  • If you need to find files that are scans or images but are looking for specific content within

What does it do?

  • Extract Document Content
  • Search Full Text of Documents
  • Covering PDFs and Images 


  • Easily find files based on the extracted text
  • Search for specific content within the documents 
  • Save time when looking for documents you need

Plans and Pricing
OCR PlansNumber of Files available for OCRPaid MonthlyPaid Monthly (Annual contract)Paid annually
OCR for the Free Planup to 500 files25,00 €20,00 €240,00 €
Basic OCRup to 5000 files49,00 €45,00 €540,00 €
Business OCRup to 10,000 files99,00 €90,00 €1.080,00 €
Professional OCRup to 25,000 files
179,00 €160,00 €1920,00 €

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