Search PDF's and Images via relatico OCR Add-on

relatico's Optical Character Recognition (OCR): easy and simple way to extract data from your files and images

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With relatico's OCR, you can search for valueable information from your images, files (i.e. contracts, prospects, specification, recipes). ​

In a matter of minutes, you will have the content ready to be used.

Extract text from PDF's or Images of your choice

It will only take a minute for our system to extract text from your scanned PDF and/or image.

Once the extraction is done, you will get an in-app notification.


Search for needed content in the general search

Simply type in what you are looking for in the app search, and click on the file that matches your search. 


Voila, you have found needed file in seconds

No hassle, and no scrambling to find information you need through hard drives and emails.

relatico text recognition saves you time and valuable resources, while helping you maximise daily efficiency.


Now that you found the file you were looking for you can enjoy other features including:

Setting File expiration
Connecting file to Checklist items
Adding tags to easily find it in the future ​

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Extract text from files and search for the content that you need most in one place.

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