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Emailing contacts to share files is a thing of the past.
Streamline file and folder sharing process with relatico.

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Securely share folders

Share any folder with your partners using our simple sharing interface.

Add your business partners as contacts and they can then view the folder contents securely.


Share personalised folder link

Share any folder anonymously using our simple yet secure feature, we generate an unique URL that you could share with any partners. No login required.

If you want to increase the security of the link:

  • Provide an expiration date for the link. After reaching the date, the link is no longer available.
  • Set a password and tell your business partner.

Manage files and folders that were shared with you

In folders you will find exactly what your business partner has approved for you: files, labels, the articles to which the files refer and more.

You can also subscribe to folders that have been shared with you. You will then receive emails and will not miss any changes.


Share single files

You can also just share one file via a shared link. Send this link to your business partners via preferred channel. No login required.


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