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Create folders for your contacts

Organize your account by creating folders for your contacts, to make sure you know where files are at any point in time. 


Organize your content with subfolders

Easily organize your content with subfolders to keep the structure that you are used to in your daily work. 


Share folders with your business partners

You have the option to either share folders with users via a public link or via email.

For secure access, your business partners can make an account and act based on your permissions. 


Subscribe to folders​

To make sure that you are always up to date regarding any changes to the folders that matter most to you, just click subscribe. 

The system will then send you email or in-app notifications based on changes that are most important to you. 


Copy and send link to upload page

Simply copy the link to the upload page and send it to the necessary stakeholder.

Once files are uploaded to the upload page, they will appear in the appropriate folder. 

Your business partner doesn´t need anything but a browser to use the link- no installation required. Just click and upload.


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