Take control over your data with relatico API

Securely integrate software that you use daily with relatico
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Who should use relatico API?

  • Organizations and teams that want to make the most of relatico by
    • retrieving documents and related data from your existing IT environment
    • writing documents and related data to your existing IT environment
  • When you need to sync documents and data back and forth in larger quantities/ volumes and in real time
  • If you have complex workflows that need to be supported orĀ 
  • If your teams, departments, locations and business partners need document access with minimized manual labor

What does relatico API do?

  • Enables you to safely connect relatico data with business software, eg.:
    • ERPs like SAP, MS Navision/ Dynamics, Infor, ProAlpha etc
    • Specialist software like Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS), Quality Management Software, Production Management Tools or Supply Chain/ Procurement Software
    • Your sales and marketing tools or platforms like Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo etc.
    • Other document storage software and legacy DMS
  • Enables you to integrate relatico data with the data flow from other tools that you wish to run on top of relatico
  • Enables you to connect relatico to your web-based infrastructures like intranets or reporting tools/ Business Intelligence (BI) tools


  • Get started faster by using relatico API access during setup
  • Keep up to date with all data changes
  • Eliminate lots of hours of manual editing and writing emails
  • Provide fast access to relatico data from other applications
  • Smoothen your processes and workflows