Premium Backups

Add-on coming soon

Who should use it?

  • If you are having frequent and/ or unannounced audits
  • If you need to take your data because you will be offline
  • If you want to have a backup of your relatico data just in case

What does it do?

  • Sync all your files & folders from your relatico account back to your Windows computer 
  • works in the background
  • Optional: Pull expiry dates, activity logs, notes, checklist status and previous versions of files


  • Have a copy of your relatico account in case your internet connection goes down or you need the data offline
  • access all relevant relatico data on your desktop


Will be provided by relatico Desktop app for Windows. Subscription per User. Monthly/ Annual subscription fee. 

relatico Premium Backups comes in two flavors:

  • Basic: Just files and folders
  • Advanced: Everything
Plans and Pricing

Coming soon!

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