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What Supply Chain Due Diligence Act requires when it comes to risk analysis:

  • Determine whether there is a risk that your own business actions or business actions of your direct (or indirect in the case of indications) supplier violate human rights.

  • Take stock of all of your company‘s business activities and business relationships via internal and external sources

  • Present the results in a risk map: e.g. according to business areas, locations, products, countries of origin.

  • Prioritize the identified risks (according to „appropriateness criteria“ = (i) the nature and scope of the business, (ii) the company‘s ability to influence the immediate violator, (iii) the expected severity of the violation, (iv) the reversibility of the violation, (v) the likelihood of the violation occurring, (vi) the nature of the contribution to causation), especially if you cannot address everything at the same time.

  • Communicate the results of the risk analysis to the relevant decision-makers in the company.

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