To anyone working with suppliers: Your life just got a lot easier.

Introducing the most effective way for Purchasing and Quality professionals to collaborate with business partners.

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Requesting documents from other departments slows down your work flow and causes unnecessary delays.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We are here to provide:

  • secure access to necessary stakeholders 

  • remove bottlenecks when it comes to getting files from other departments

Whether you are the only one collecting supplier documents or a team of professionals: collecting and managing these files are a hassle. 

  • Collect, store, and manage product documents in one secure and organized location.

  • No more searching frantically for files when you need them most.

Helping you take control over your supplier relationships.

Get all documents you need

Check the status of sent documentation requests in real time to ensure document completeness. 

Share across departments

Teams can easily work together in one location to collect, and manage incoming supplier files. 

Stay 365 Audit ready

Be 365 audit ready by keeping all files in one location. A surprise audit can happen at any time, and we are here to help you.

Collect any file formats

Request and collect any file format. Easily preview and manage supplier documents from one location.

Ensure ease for suppliers

Trying to receive all needed files from suppliers can be a tedious task. We have developed a login free file return system.

Stay organized

Organize your account to your liking with folders, and tags to access needed documents easily and efficiently.

Use relatico to collect any needed supplier files, including...

Quality and Regulatory

  • Product Specifications

  • Allergen Lists

  • REACH-Documentation

  • Authenticity

  • Ingredients

Packaging Documentation

  • Conformity

  • Specification


  • Material Data Safety Sheets 

  • Handling Instructions

Purchasing Department

  • Supplier Contracts

  • Terms and Conditions


  • Declaration of Origin

  • Long Term Supplier Declaration

Stay REACH Compliant with relatico.

We respect your privacy and security

All of your requested and received documents are protected with a bank grade 256 bit SSL encryption. Our SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure ensures that your documents are kept safe and secure.