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Completeness & Checklists

If you care about completeness, relatico fully supports you and your team.

Track your documentation completeness with checklists to make sure that you have all the documents that you need 

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Actuality and reminders

Keeping your body of documentation up to date is a time consuming process. relatico will help you to keep your documents up to date.

Use file expiry, reminders and relatico's active version collaboration to be current.

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relatico loves Email

Email is your essential day-by-day work horse

So, relatico is integrated with email.

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relatico helps you to keep order via folders

Customize your app to organize your most important information using a concept that you are already familiar with - folders. 

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Communication made easy 

Communicate with your business partners in one place. Create transparency and efficiency when it comes to communicating with business partners. 

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Teamwork on relatico

Easily collaborate with your team members by providing access to needed documentation whenever they need it most. 

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