The most efficient way to manage critical documents

We're fully dedicated to helping you automate document management, so that you can focus on what matters most. 

Say 'Goodbye' to messy Excel spreadsheets


  • Track document expiry and request new file versions when needed

  • Never lose documents and certificates when you need them most

  • Have a clear overview of all requested and missing documents


Automate your file collection process


  • Set reminders and automate recurring file requests

  • Contacts can send you files without making an account

  • Organized and simple communication overview for all contacts


Share documents with anyone

  • Share your folders with anyone by giving Edit or View permissions

  • Let your teammates access to needed documents

  • Edit sharing preferences at any time



Track all product documentation completeness with checklists to make sure that you have all documents you need in case of a surprise audit.
File requests
Request files and communicate with your contacts via in-app emailing system. Your contacts do not need to log in to respond to your requests with or without attached files.
Easy Sharing
Share your account folders with your business partners. If your contacts have the permission to Edit, they can easily upload files into the shared documents, which you can immediately access.
File expiry
Set expiration dates for all your files in the system to make sure that your documents are always up to date. Our system will send automated reminders to your contacts before your files expire.
Version management
Upload and request new versions via email to make sure that all your documents are up to date and in one place. Your contacts can easily upload new versions without creating an account.
Smart Search
Search your products, document types, and files with ease especially durign crunch time. Find needed documents and certificates when needed most in one location.
Tag management
Organize all your products, contacts and files by creating and assigning tags. Easily search your system and keep your data clean with categorization.
Secure file storage
Use folders to securely manage all your files in one system. No more hassle of storing files in your desktop folders, shared drives, or email chains.
Team account access
Invite your team members to securely collaborate on relatico, thus providing transparency and ensuring accuracy of all the documents in your possession.