We help you get ahead of your daily tasks

Streamline your work along with your team with relatico's comprehensive and time saving approach.

Store your data in one place

No more searching around your email chains, hard drives, or hard copy documents. Manage and efficiently retrieve your documentation from one location.

Ensure document completeness

Make sure that you have all of the documents you need using easy-to-create checklists. This way you are always ready when a surprise audit comes.

Track file expiry dates

Ensure that your documentation is up-to-date and request needed documents from your business partners in just a few steps.

Create collaborative workspaces

Work with data relevant to each department in workspaces for easy collaboration and organization.

Collect documents from suppliers

Easily request new files and versions in just a few clicks by using the sharing feature. Your business partners do not need to log in to upload the needed data.

Automate your tasks

Automate manual tasks by setting recurring automations to request files from suppliers or organizing incoming files in your account.