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The easiest way to work with your suppliers

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File requests

The easiest way to collect documents

Easily request files from all your suppliers in one place. Let relatico automatically follow up on outstanding files, so that you can focus on completing your daily tasks.


Easily communicate with your suppliers

Get an overview of all your requested and received files related to your suppliers. Follow up when needed to get all the documents you need.


Keep organized with our intuitive folder structure

Customize your workspace with smart folders to effectively manage all incoming and existing documentation.


Keep track of file completeness

Ensure your audit readiness and file completion by using checklists to keep track of all the incoming and received files.

Collect all your supplier files in one place

Manage your workspace with secure folders

Ensure maximum supplier engagement

Requesting and managing files from suppliers and customers has never been easier. Relatico’s intuitive request process is as easy as sending out an email, with the benefit of automated follow ups.

Store received files and exiting documents in our secure folders and stay up to date with your document completeness thanks to our smart checklists. 

Your suppliers do not need an account to respond to your file requests. By lowering the response barriers, you can ensure that you get all the documents you needs fast and easy. 

We support all modern browsers aside from Internet Explorer due to security and compatibility issues.