Establish Corrective Actions for Legal Violations with suppliers

Let us give you the needed tools during the times when corrective actions are needed to comply with legal requirements.
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The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act requires companies to take immediate remedial action to prevent, end or minimize imminent or actual violations.

  • In your own business, you must take remedial action leading to the cessation of the violation.

  • In the case of (imminent) violations in the business of your direct (in case you have “substantiated knowledge” also your indirect) supplier, if you are not in a position to stop the violation yourself, you must immediately prepare, together with the supplier, a corrective action (time) plan to minimize and prevent the violation. Make your requirements clear and offer concrete support.

  • Breaking off business relations with a supplier is only envisaged as a last resort in the Act.

  • The effectiveness of the preventive measures mentioned must be reviewed once a year and on an occasion-related basis. 

Take corrective actions into your own hands in collaboration with your suppliers.

Share checklists with needed documentation with your business partner to ensure quick issue resolution.


Manage progress of all discuss remedial measures via shareable boards and tasks.