relatico for Outlook

Save time and put order in your emails using relatico for Outlook. Take back control of your emails, and your data
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Lost in millions of emails, where the files are scattered, and information that is critical is buried in some replies? We are here to help you.


Never lose track of files ever again


Share relatico files when composing an email


Save received attachments to needed relatico folders


Copy received emails to your relatico account


Organize files before they arrive to relatico


See all contact information when viewing emails

When composing emails:

Browse and attach files from relatico when composing emails

Quickly search and attach files when composing emails right by using relatico for Outlook add-in.


Send folders to business partners ​

IIf you'd like to send a shared folder, you can easily browse and attach the needed link straight from the relatico Add-in.

Set folder permissions for your contacts to either View or Edit.


Organize received emails and attachments

Save received attachments without leaving Outlook


Easily save attahments that you receive from your contacts directly to any folder in your account. 

In the process of saving:

  • Add tags

  • Set expiry dates

  • Choose folder to save to



Tag files for easy search

Further organize files by tagging them upon saving them to relatico. This way you will find files when sharing and organizing your space.


Set up reminder emails

When saving, you can choose to automatically send reminders to ensure that you receive files when you need them.


Ensure file completeness ​

Never have another file go missing in the midst of lengthy email chains.

Everything you need, organized in one place.


Contact information transparency:

View all contact information in one location

Load all contact folders and information when sending and receiving email from your business partners.

Organize and save the received files without the hassle of looking for proper location.


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