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What is an API?

It's like a waiter at a restaurant.
The waiter takes a guests' food order, then delivers to the food order to the kitchen staff. The kitchen staff then makes the food, hands the food to the waiter, and then the waiter delivers the correct food order back to the guest.
When it comes to your data, our API takes your requests, requests an answer from the responsible platform, and comes back with data you are looking for.

Who should use relatico API?

  • Organizations and teams that want to make the most of relatico by
    • retrieving documents and related data from your existing IT environment
    • writing documents and related data to your existing IT environment
  • When you need to sync documents and data back and forth in larger quantities/ volumes and in real time
  • If you have complex workflows that need to be supported or 
  • If your teams, departments, locations and business partners need document access with minimized manual labor

What does relatico API do?

  • Enables you to safely connect relatico data with business software, eg.:
    • ERPs like SAP, MS Navision/ Dynamics, Infor, ProAlpha etc
    • Specialist software like Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS), Quality Management Software, Production Management Tools or Supply Chain/ Procurement Software
    • Your sales and marketing tools or platforms like Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo etc.
    • Other document storage software and legacy DMS
  • Enables you to integrate relatico data with the data flow from other tools that you wish to run on top of relatico
  • Enables you to connect relatico to your web-based infrastructures like intranets or reporting tools/ Business Intelligence (BI) tools


  • Get started faster by using relatico API access during setup
  • Keep up to date with all data changes
  • Eliminate lots of hours of manual editing and writing emails
  • Provide fast access to relatico data from other applications
  • Smoothen your processes and workflows

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