Custom Reports

Add-on coming soon

Who should use it?

  • Organizations and teams with complex data
  • Organizations with a lot of employees
  • Organizations running cross-team/ cross-department/ cross-location workflows on relatico

What does it do?

  • Enables to create and maintain any kind of relatico-based reporting
  • real time or historical/ time slices
  • enables to share read-only reports
  • enables to create account-specific reports like to-do lists or analyses


  • cover management reporting
  • create risk management reports
  • create to-do lists
  • share with contacts and team
  • monitor relatico account performance of your team
  • monitor relatico account business partner performance


Subscription is for access to the reporting tool. Per-User subscription. Build report on your own or have team relatico build your report for a small fee.

Plans and Pricing

Coming soon!

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