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Unannounced audits are a hassle and have the potential to disrupt your day to day operational activities. If all the needed documents are not present, it can easily put you in a bad situation when it comes to following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Since quality control audits are multi-faceted, the pressure is high to stay compliant. Your company cannot risk its reputation due to lack of secure and proper document collection and storage methods. Stakes are high to deliver the best final product, to avoid recalls, and ultimately damaged reputation. Don't become a victim of an unannounced audit catching you off guard or a resulting product recall.

As simple as your email. As secure as your bank account.

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Collect and manage internal and external documents to prevent recalls.

Store and easily find documents including:

  • REACH Compliance Documentation

  • Packaging specifications

  • Raw material specifications

  • Batch Documentation-

  • Ingredient documentation

  • Production steps documentation (processes from raw material gathering to final production)-

  • Internal audit checklists-

  • Documentation concerning ISO 9001, ISO 22716 compliance and many more..


Automate document requests and secure your document storage with a proper backup

  • Whether you are storing internal or external documentation from suppliers, be assured that you will have all documents that you need when an unannounced audit comes around.

  • Computers crash, paper documentation goes missing, and email gets hacked. It’s time to secure your data with something more protected.


Never lose track of documents. Stay 365 Audit ready.

With proper documentation storage your company can have:

  • Transparent overview of missing or incorrect documents and trace problems to the core to take the right corrective action.

  • No fear during laboratory evaluations by having all needed documents in one location - from raw material to finished product records.


Ensure up to date and correct documentation.

  • Ask for and/or upload new versions of received documents

  • Let us remind your clients to send you up to date documents and provide proof of changes in case of corrective actions.-

  • Store all versions and revisions in a well documented manner, ensuring the least amount of questions asked from your auditor


Stay ahead of the game. Ace each unannounced audit with relatico.

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Get all documents you need

Check the status of sent documentation requests in real time to ensure document completeness. 

Stay 365 Audit ready

Be 365 audit ready by keeping all files in one location. A surprise audit can happen at any time, and we are here to help you.

Ensure ease for suppliers

Trying to receive all needed files from suppliers can be a tedious task. We have developed a login-free file return system.

Share across departments

Teams can easily work together in one location to collect, and manage incoming supplier files.

Collect any file formats

Request and collect any file format. Easily preview and manage supplier documents from one location.

Stay organized ​

Organize your account to your liking with folders, and tags to access needed documents easily and efficiently.


We respect your privacy and security

All of your requested and received documents are protected with a bank grade 256 bit SSL encryption. Our SSL encryption and world-class server infrastructure ensures that your documents are kept safe and secure.