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The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act requires that companies immediately set up an internal complaints procedure.

  • The complaints procedure serves to enable (i) (potentially) affected persons in their own business and
    in and around the supply chain and (ii) persons who have knowledge of possible violations to point out
    human rights and environmental risks and violations.

  • ┬áThe procedure must be set out in writing, in particular: Who
    are the target groups? What happens when a complaint is made? What procedural steps follow?
    What is the time schedule? Users do not suffer any disadvantages by using the complaints procedure!
    Confidentiality and data protection are guaranteed!

  • To ensure that people are aware of the respective complaint channels, you must provide public (website) and regular targeted information about the complaints procedure. The procedure must also be
    made transparent.

  • The effectiveness of the complaints procedure must be reviewed at least once a year or on an occasion related basis and updated immediately if necessary

  • The complaints procedure under the Supply Chain Act is more far-reaching than the whistleblowing system according to Whistleblowing Directive/Whistleblower Protection
    Act in that it must also be
    accessible to persons outside the own company.

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