relatico is about completeness

  • Knowing only that “files are there, somewhere” is not enough.
  • Tracking completeness in Excel is tedious and does not really work.
  • relatico has you covered - scroll down to see how.

Track completeness of:

Your business partners' documentation
Your projects (personal or professional)
Any materials you might be buying
Your applicants documentation

Get an overview of your account completeness in one place.


How does it work?

1. Define your needs

Build checklists to define your documentation needs (Build your Need-/ Want- List)

Checklists work together with folders and contacts, so that you can just use them where you need them


2. Bring what you have

Easily match existing documentation to checklists


3. See what's missing

See whats missing by using relatico's unique completeness calculation, based on folders and contacts


4. Fill in the gaps

Request missing documentation from your business partners via sending them your checklist


5. Switch off checklists from total completeness

In case you do not want to have a folder be counted towards overall checklist completions - we have your back.


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