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Set expiry dates for files

If your files have an expiration date, you can easily add it to them when you are viewing the file. 


Upload or request new file versions

If you already have a new version of an expiring filing, easily upload it when viewing the file.‚Äč

In case you don't have needed files yet, easily request new file versions via email in the same location.


Set reminders to business partners

Set a reminder interval and relatico will independently remind your business partner to send you needed files. The documents are requested directly from the business partner by email.

This happens completely automatically when the files expire or are about to do so - just as you like.


Get a file status overview

Easily see your account wide file status straight from your dashboard.

You will also receive an email each week to see how you are doing when it comes to file expiry and validity.


View Calendar to keep track of upcoming expirations

Access the relatico calendar to see when your next file will expire. You can easily filter by "Up to date", "Expiring Soon" and "Expired" to see all of the relevant files. 


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