About relatico

Read about what we are about and how and why we created relatico

Our Mission:

To bring B2B file exchange & management to the next level.

B2B file exchange is a big problem for a lot of companies.


  • Collecting files is a big chore for a lot of professionals parallel to their day jobs
  • Sharing files (= distributing files and making them accessible) is a big thing
  • Completeness and files being up to date

Think about...


  • Qualifying a supplier
  • Qualifying/ sourcing a new material or product
  • Distributing documentation to your customers or support engineers
  • having to keep a body documentation complete and up-to-date all the time (eg for compliance purposes)
  • managing application processes that require a lot of documents

What people told us they need


  • Sharing capabilities
  • Collection capabilities
  • Showing file-related communication
  • The tool needed to be super-simple
  • Needed to be super-affordable - a lot of our users cannot afford the budget 
  • Needed to integrate with their IT landscapes

There seemed to be no real solution.


  • Traditional document management software does not really solve this.
  • Windows folders and MS Excel do not solve this.
  • File sharing tools do not solve this.
  • QM and other specialty software does not really solve this well.
  • ERP software like SAP, MS Navision and everyone else do not really solve this well.
  • We had years of experience with our own successful supplier portal solution, ecratum. But we knew, we could do better

We arrived at the following findings:


  • We wanted to create the simplest tool for solving the problem
    Our users do not really have to LEARN relatico. After a quick introduction, everybody should be able to get going.
  • We wanted to create a tool that every company can afford with ease
    The problem we are solving is ubiquitous and it affects small, medium and big companies alike. So we needed a pricing that would suit everyone.
  • We wanted to create a tool that made interaction easy for the “passive” end of the interaction
    Interactions with suppliers, customers and other business partners need to be super-easy and safe at the same time to achieve results fast. Complicated portal logic is getting in the way of people wanting to resolve problems.

relatico is the result.

  • We started developing in Oct, 2018, went into Beta In Feb, 2019 and went to the market on 1st of July, 2019.

    As of today, a few hundred companies in Europe are already working with relatico to: 

    • receive and share files with business partners and other departments and locations
    • be complete with their documentation
    • be up to date with their documentation

Why is relatico the simplest tool?


  • We rely on proven paradigms like folders and sharing files and folders. Everybody who wasnt born yesterday knows these. 

    relatico is using other easy-to-grasp concepts, like

    • checklists for defining what is there and what is missing
    • expiry dates to see if your files are valid or not (defined by you)
    • reminders that can be set up so that everybody who needs one will get one
    • easy web mail-like communication interfaces to see and track what people have been talking about

    relatico has basically two interfaces: the file view and the regular view. Everyone can find and work with the data they need in an instant.

    This means, even users that do not use relatico on a daily basis will have it easy with orientation.

    Your co-workers WILL LOVE THIS

Why is relatico the most affordable tool for B2B file exchange?


Compared to most of the software solutions on the market listed above, relatico is immediately the much more inexpensive option.

relatico can be used at the base monthly fee by everyone, adding plugins and additional services only if needed. Thus, relatico can be tailored to your budget and will still perform very well with the most affordable plan.

Moreover, you will exactly know what you are going to pay for as you can test drive relatico with up to 500 files for free.

If you are not satisfied, just cancel your account. No questions asked.


Why is relatico easiest for interaction?

relatico makes it easy for your business partners to interact with you. Be it renewing files, sending in missing files or communicating with you: Your business partner does not need a password and a login to help you achieve your goals.

Your SUPPLIERS and CUSTOMERS will love this!